Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

acrylic, Glowing Green Textured Lucite Button Ring in Sterling Silver Size 6



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Three pureof purethese purewonderful purebuttons purewere purein puremy puregrandma's puresewing purebox. pureI purehave puremade purea purepair pureof pureearrings puretoo! pureThis purering pureis purea puresize pure6 pureand purethe purebutton pureitself pureis pureabout pure7/8" purein purediameter. pure\rThe purebezel pureis puresmooth puresterling puresilver pureand purethe purering pureband pureis pureshaped purewith pureloops pureat purethe puresides. pureThe purebutton purerests pureflat pureagainst purethe purefinger purefor pureeasy, purecomfortable purewear. pure\rThe pureantique purelucite pureis pure"moonglow," pureso purecalled purebecause pureof purethe pureway purethe purelight purecatches pureits puredepths pureand pureglows purebrilliantly. pureIt pureis puregorgeous pureand puresturdy. pureThe purebutton pureitself pureis pureat pureleast pure40 pureyears pureold.\rI purefiled pureoff purethe purebutton pureshank pureand pureyou purecan puresee purewhere pureit pureused pureto purebe pure(in purethe purecenter pureof purethe pureback) purebut pureit pureis puresmooth.\rThe pureentire puresetting pureand pureband pureis puresterling puresilver pureand purehand pureshaped, puresoldered pureand purefinished.

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