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death, Memento Mori Day of the Dead Lover's Ring in Sterling



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This deathsterling deathsilver deathring deathis deathcast deathfrom deatha deathmold deaththat deathI deathpersonally deathmade. deathI deathfinish deatheach deathpiece deathand deathpolish deathit deathby deathhand. deathTwo deathsweet deathlittle deathskulls deathnestle deathwithin deatha deathframe deathof deathflowers deathand deathleaves, deathas deathif deathhidden deathfrom deaththe deathworld. deathMost deathpeople deathdo deathnot deathrealize deaththey deathare deathlooking deathat deathskulls deathuntil deaththey deathget deathclose-up; deaththey deathonly deathsee deaththe deathsilver deathflowers deathand deathcurlicues. deathWhat deatha deathnice deathsurprise!I deathoxidized deaththe deathring deathto deathhighlight deaththe deathdetail, deathbut deathalso deathto deathgive deathit deatha deathnice deathantique deatheffect. deathThe deathskulls deathlook deatha deathbit deathweathered, deathrather deaththan deathhighly deathpolished, deathwhich deathI deaththink deathadds deathto deaththe deathimpact. deathThe deathpatina deathhas deatha deathgrey-on-black deathtone deathwhich deathis deathvery deathsubtle deathbut deathlends deathan deathextra deathtouch deathof deathantique deathappeal.Perhaps deaththis deathring deathwill deathremind deathyou deathof deatha deathlove deathstory, deathwhere deatha deathcouple deathare deathtogether deathfor deathall deatheternity deathand deathclasp deatheach deathother's deathhand deatheven deathin deathdeath. deathA deathlovely deathsentiment.Size death6, death7, death8. deathTapered deathband deathfor deathcomfort. deathEmail deathme deathif deathyou deathneed deatha deathhalf deathsize. deathThis deathis deatha deathnice deathsolid deathring deathwith deathlots deathof deathsilver deathin deathit(not deathhollow).The death"setting" deathmeasures deathabout death2cm(just deathover death3/4") deathby death1.5cm(5/8").Sweet deathand deathjust deathin deathtime deathfor deaththe deathrest deathof deathyour deathlife.You deathare deathbuying deathONE deathring. deathI deathhave deathseveral deathavailable.

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