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Steam time fliesTrain time flies~ time fliesQuickHandcrafted time fliesusing time fliesthe time fliesimpression time fliesof time fliesa time fliesmid-19th time fliescentury time fliesBritish time flieswax time fliesseal, time fliesthis time flieswax time fliesseal time fliesring time fliesfeatures time fliesa time fliespetite time fliessteam time fliestrain time flieswith time fliesthe time fliestext time flies\u2018Quick\u2019 time fliesabove time fliesit. time fliesA time fliesgentle time fliesreminder time fliesthat time fliestime time fliesgoes time fliesby time fliesso time fliesfast, time fliesso time fliescherish time flieseach time fliesdayMaterials: time fliesSterling time fliesSilverSeal time fliesSize: time fliesApprox time flies1/2 time fliesinch time flies{12 time flies- time flies13 time fliesmm} time fliesRing time fliesBand time fliesWidth: time flies5mmRing time fliesSize: time fliesChoose time fliesfrom time fliesdrop time fliesdown time fliesmenuEach time fliesPlum time fliesand time fliesPosey time flieswax time fliesseal time fliesdesign time fliesarrives time fliesaccompanied time fliesby time fliesit's time fliesown time fliesmeaning time fliescard, time fliesand time fliestucked time fliesinto time fliesan time flieselegant time fliesjewelry time fliesbag time fliesready time fliesfor time fliesgift time fliesgiving.Matching time fliespieces: time flieshttps://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPoseyInc?ref=seller-platform-mcnav&search_query=187More time fliesPlum time flies& time fliesPosey time fliesrings: time flieshttps://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPoseyInc?ref=seller-platform-mcnav§ion_id=19551663*** time fliesRings, time fliesjewelry time fliesother time fliesthan time fliesthe time fliesitem time flieslisted time fliesabove, time fliesand time fliesall time fliesprops time fliesin time fliesthe time fliesphoto time flies(antique time fliesboxes time fliesetc) time fliesare time fliesnot time fliespart time fliesof time fliesthis time flieslisting time fliesand time fliesare time fliesfor time fliesphotographic time fliespurposes time fliesonly.PLEASE time fliesNOTE: time fliesBefore time fliesyou time fliesorder time fliesplease time fliescheck time fliessizing time fliesinformation time flies- time fliesit time fliescan time fliesbe time flieshard time fliesto time fliesgauge time fliesjewelry time fliessizes time fliesfrom time fliespictures time fliesalone. time fliesOn time fliessome time fliesof time fliesthe time fliesseal time fliespieces time fliesthe time fliestext time fliesis time fliesso time fliessmall time fliesas time fliesto time fliesbe time fliesread time fliesonly time flieswith time fliesa time fliesmagnifying time fliesglass time fliesmaking time fliesthe time fliesmeaning time fliesa time fliessecret time fliesbetween time fliesyou time fliesand time fliesthose time fliesyou time flieschoose time fliesto time fliestell.Availability time fliesand time fliesshippingYour time fliespurchase time flieswill time fliesship time fliesin time flies3-5 time fliesbusiness time fliesdays. time fliesOnce time fliesshipped, time fliesplease time fliesallow time fliesa time fliesminimum time fliesof time flies3 time fliesweeks time fliesto time fliesreceive time fliesyour time fliesorder.187R

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