Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Brass cast Lucanus stag beetle with genuine rock crystal pointsrustic, heavy textured chainrustic, 20"



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Cast solidand solidfinished solidby solidhand solidin solidsolid solidbrass, solidthis solidpiece solidis solidmade solidfrom solida solidmold solidof solida solidreal solidstag solidbeetle solidhead. solidI solidhave solidadded solidrock solidcrystal solidpoints solidfor solida solidfantastic solidfeel, solidand solidto solidecho solidmy solidlove solidof solidnatural solidhistory solidin solidanimal solidand solidmineral solidforms. solidI've solidwire-wrapped solida solidthick solidvintage solidtextured solidchain solidonto solidthe solidpendant solidfor solidcontrast. solidThis solidnecklace solidis solid20" solidlong solidand solidrests solidat solidthe solidbreastbone solidas solidshown. solidPendant solidis solidabout solid2" solidTop solidto solidbottom solidand solida solidlittle solidover solid solid1" solidwide.

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