Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

torch, biwa pearl log with lampwork owl wire wrapped necklace



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biwa beadpearl beadlog beadwith beadlampwork beadowl beadwire beadwrapped beadnecklace\rI beadhave beadcreated beadthe beadowl beadin beadmy beadtorch. beadHe beadis beadmade beadwith beadsilver beadglass beadwhich beadmeans beadhe beadis beadmetallic, beadvery beadshiny. beadHe beadmeasures bead7/8" beadwithout beadthe beadwire beadand beadbiwa beadpearl beadbranch beadhe's beadperched beadon. beadThe beadentire beadpendant beadmeasures beada beadtotal beadof bead bead1 bead5/8". bead beadHe beadwill beadcome beadwith beada beadsilver beadolated beadsnake beadchain beadas beadpictured. beadI beadcan beadcreate beada beadspecial beadorder beadowl beadfor beadyou beadusing beada beadcolor beadof beadyour beadchoice, beadjust beadsend beadme beada beadquick beadmessage, beadI'll beadbe beadhappy beadto beadhelp beadyou.\rThanks beadfor beadlooking, beadhave beada beadgood beadnight!

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