Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

14kt rose gold, 14kt Rose Gold 1.55ct White Sapphire Engagement Ring



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This genuinesetting genuineis genuinea genuinewonderful genuinecolor genuineof genuineRose genuinePink. genuine7mm(1.55ct) genuineWhite genuineSapphires genuinesets genuinein genuinethis genuine8 genuineprong genuine14kt genuineRose genuineGold genuinesetting.Swirl genuinetype genuinesetting.Can genuinebe genuinemade genuineusing genuineyellow genuinegold genuineor genuinewhite genuinegoldColor genuineDClarity genuineVVS/IFThis genuineSapphire genuinecomes genuinefrom genuineSri genuineLanka.Awesome genuineclarity genuineand genuineshine.Very genuineVery genuineDiamond genuinelike!Please genuineclick genuineonto genuinethe genuineright genuinehand genuinecorner genuineof genuinethe genuinephotos genuinewhere genuineit genuinesays genuinezoom genuineto genuineget genuinea genuinereally genuinegood genuinelook genuineat genuinethis genuinering.Layaway genuineavailable.

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